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Need an easy-to-build easel for your art project or for a display? You can go to the art store and buy a big, heavy easel for several hundred dollars. Or you could pick up the little cheap things that fall over as soon as you put your canvas on it.

Why not build your own? They are very simple to make and don't require fancy finishes…because you're going to slobber paint all over it anyway! Of course, if you plan to use it for display purposes, these attractive easels can be stained and finished, or built with a quality hardwood instead of pine.

I was designated the "Official Easel Builder" for a friend's art studio. Each easel I built was better than the last. I came up with this very sturdy design that stores flat. The instructors and students love them. I've had requests to make more for the students, but alas, I have a day job. So instead, I thought I'd offer some really easy-to-use plans for a non-woodworker to follow.

If you are a talented woodworker and want to build a more refined product, I include notes for you. It's up to you how far you want to take it.

Why use our plans?

Very economical - We ask for a small charitable donation for our plans
and approximately $16 for materials
The easels are very sturdy. They can support heavy framed pictures
The easels are collapsible and fit easily into your car
Light weight design so they both weigh less than 10 lbs. each
They can support large works of art - up to 57 inches tall
The Artist Easel Includes an optional brush / tool shelf
Both easels have built-in clamps to hold your work - so you can work outdoors
The picture shelves can be lowered to 18 inches for children or tall items.
And finally…easy enough to build in a day or a few evenings

You'll be amazed how efficient these designs are. We include a shopping list, detailed drawings, pictures, and step-by-step instructions.

Display Easel Plans

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